Scent Village -  Incense & Oils
We carry a wide range of incense and oil products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are listed below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
Oil soaked Incense sticks and cones. Long lasting "Jumbo" sticks.
Top 10 oil soaked incense sticks:
 1-India Moon
 2-Midnight Lover
 3- Black Love
 4-Dragon's Blood
 5-Sex on the Beach
 7-Egyptian Musk
10- Lavender
Best selling "Dhoop Cones"
1-Satya Nag champa
2-Satya Super Hit
3-Satya Sandalwood
4- Darshan
5-House brands (over 30 different fragrances)
Name brand incenses such as Satya Nag Champa & SuperHit etc.
Premium quality fragrance oils. No alcohol, no chemicals.
Top 10 Fragrance oils
 1-India Moon
 2-Nag Champa
 4-Dragon's Blood
 5-Egyptian Blood
 6-African Musk
 7-Midnight Lover
 9-Lick me all over
All natural Shea Butter
The best natural product for the skin care.
Variety of sages for cleansing, protection, special intensions and prosperity, resins, charcoal.
White Sage
Blue Sage
Sedona Sage
Deser Magic Sage
Dragon's Blood
Frank & Myrrh
White copal
All kinds of oil and incense burners, and holders.
Tea light candle oil burners
Plug in burners
Burners with cord and adjustable heat levels.
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